With over 30 years of experience designing products used by millions of people, Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams address the foundational questions around designing emotional experiences.

The authors bring their combined experience in the fields of graphic, interactive and industrial design, user interface design, human factors, ergonomics, product management and product innovation.

Trevor van Gorp

Author - Trevor van Gorp

Trevor has spent the last decade focused on exploring and understanding how design communicates emotion and personality.

He has been working in design and visual communication since 1994, and holds a M.E.Des. in Industrial Design and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Formerly the first employee at nForm User Experience, Trevor helped build the company into a leading Canadian user experience firm.

Trevor has created information architecture, performed interaction design and conducted user research and usability evaluations for clients like the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Transit System, Comcast,, and the Government of Alberta.

He is the founder and principal of Affective Design, a trusted user experience consultancy focused on emotional design.

He is the author and editor of, a popular blog on the intersection of design and emotion and he contributed to Deconstructing Product Design by William Lidwell and Gerry Manacsa. Trevor has also written articles for Boxes and Arrows, a noted industry web magazine.

He has given presentations on the topic of designing for emotion at conferences in Canada, the U.S. and Sweden. He also enjoys the occasional pancake, as long as there’s real maple syrup.

Edie Adams

Author - Edie Adams

Edie has been evoking emotion through design for over 20 years. Her research and design innovations have been recognized with over 40 US patents.

Edie has worked with product teams, innovation groups, and business leadership to develop an understanding of the physical, cognitive and emotional interactions between people and products that drive product success. Most recently, she was the Principal User Experience Manager for the Mac Business Unit (MacBU) at Microsoft. Prior to joining MacBU, she developed an understanding of the premium mobile consumer market for the Platform and Core Innovation team in Windows COSD.

Edie is trained in occupational ergonomics, product design and design research. She is a CPE (Certified Professional Ergonomist), and holds a M.E.Des. in Industrial Design and a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Calgary, where she has been an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design.

To begin her career at Microsoft, Edie led a team in the research of physical, cognitive and emotional interactions of people and products for Microsoft Hardware and Strategic Business Divisions. She has held numerous research and design manager positions in Windows, including Windows Mobile and Tailored Products, the Windows Hardware Innovation Group, and the Windows Hardware and Emerging Markets Group. In each, Edie has worked with many different types of designers (i.e. industrial designers, interaction designers, visual designers), market and user researchers, hardware and software architects and business development to spur innovation in the PC industry.

Edie’s design work is included in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Chicago Antheneum.

She was also featured in “Fast Forward: Design in the Pacific Northwest” at the Tacoma Art Museum. Edie is past president of the Office Ergonomics Research Committee, past program chair of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Consumer Product Technical Group, and past vice chair of the Human Factors Special Interest Section of the Industrial Design Society of America. She has been known to subsist almost solely on peanut butter for long periods of time.

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